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Spider Veins

What are Spider Veins?

Spider Veins are small veins that can be seen beneath the surface of your skin. They’re often shaped like spider webs or the branches of trees and are usually either red or purple in color. They can appear in various places, including on your legs or face, and can take up both small and large areas on your body. They can arise in healthy patients, so treatment is typically considered for cosmetic reasons. However, they may also point to a more serious underlying condition.

Symptoms & Causes of Spider Veins

You may notice Spider Veins in a variety of places on your body. They’ll mostly appear on your legs, but it is not uncommon to find them on your chest, face, or hands. The color varies from red to purple and the severity level might range from cosmetic to more extreme discomfort that has a debilitating impact on your life.

Spider Veins occur when the valves inside of your feeder veins become unhealthy.

This causes your blood to flow backwards, rather than to your heart. Your blood may begin to get backed-up and the veins can lose function. As a result, you’ll begin to see Spider Veins appear underneath the surface of your skin. Vein valves can be weakened by a variety of factors, including obesity, leg injury, and extended standing.

Diagnosis & Treatment for Spider Veins

While some people seek treatment for cosmetic reasons, others may need it for pain relief. Luckily, Spider Veins can be treated quickly and efficiently. Not only can we treat the individual symptoms, but we can also take care of the underlying problem as well.

There are a variety of minimally invasive procedures that we can use to treat Spider Veins. All of them can be performed quickly and neither of them require hospitalization. Most will typically take 15 minutes to complete and cause little discomfort. We’ll have you walking out of here the same day, ready to get back to your normal activities.

Treatment aims to close off the affected feeder veins that have faulty valves inside of them. Sealing them allows your blood to circulate to veins with functioning valves, with your body ultimately absorbing the “dead-end” spider veins. The objective of all our procedures is to treat the underlying cause, going beyond just the cosmetic, and to improve your overall quality of life.

Minimally invasive treatment options for Spider Veins:

*Diagnosis by a doctor or medical professional is required for all treatment options. Schedule an appointment to consult the doctor and discover which treatment is best for you. 

Minimally Invasive Treatment Options for Spider Veins:

*Diagnosis by a doctor or medical professional is required for all treatment options. Schedule an appointment to consult the doctor and discover which treatment is best for you. 

Who Do Spider Veins They Affect?

Many of us will ultimately have problems with veins at some point in our lives. Spider Veins are hereditary, so you may be more likely to encounter them if your parents or grandparents previously had them. They can affect both men and women and certain factors can either exacerbate current Spider Veins or increase the likelihood that you get them in the future.

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